International Animation Film Festival, Nov 25 - Dec 3, 2009 Budapest | Vienna

Opening show: Mary and Max

Five years ago, Adam Elliot won an Academy Award for his animated short, Harvie Krumpet. His first feature length animation is now complete. The movie was the opening film of this year's Sundance festival, and won numerous festival awards including that of Annecy. Anilogue 2009 international animation festival proudly presents the Hungarian debut of Mary and Max, one of the most notable animations of the year.

Our prediction: the end of November will bring a set of unlikely events. In Brooklyn, a mime artist gets hit by a flying air conditioner.

Near Moscow, the Teutonic knights enter a desperate battle with a Soviet pioneer squad. In Australia, the meaning of your life is published in paperback format with colour illustrations, for slightly less than ten dollars. A pill addict showcase decorator escapes from his own wedding. In Tokyo, a teenage miner saves the world by accidently finding the ignition key for a giant robot.


Those who are stranded in Vienna or Budapest in these decisive days of world history can follow the exclusive coverage provided by Anilogue international animation festival. In addition to the feature length animation premieres, the festival introduces a manga exhibition, the latest works of Harvard University’s almost secret animation department, the nominees of this year’s Cartoon d’Or award, a rare collection of animated films from the former socialist East Germany, and an international competition programme of fresh animated shorts. Anilogue, Vienna’s new animation festival is celebrated in Vienna’s Filmcasino and Topkino from November 27 to December 3. Find out what’s on at

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